Partnership sealed with the Atlantic Soccer League

The ASL and Statzpack announced a partnership for the league to incorporate Statzpack into their program in 2012. The league managed out of Virginia provides top level clubs in the East coast region a high quality league to showcase both boys and girls supporting collegiate recruitment, incorporating clubs in 7 states including New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

‘We are delighted to start working with Statzpack. Their product will make our game reporting so much easier, and with our mission to promote as many of our players to the college scene, its’ ability to support the job of tracking and recording player performance is unrivalled’.

Kevin added ‘It is rare to find a reporting system that is so easy to use, but our clubs will be able to gather performance specific data to support our player development mission, but also help the teams with the routine administration tasks they have to fulfil’.

Mark Roberts, founder of Statzpack senses this will be the first of many relationships with youth soccer leagues in the US. ‘During the NSCAA convention we had a lot of positive dialogue with both youth and adult soccer leagues. Where we have long heard that there is an ‘App for that’ the exciting development announced by Statzpack is that you are no longer required to be the owner of an iPhone or iPad to track your soccer stats.  ‘In addition to the Apple devices, you can now use our product working on over 400 Android smartphones or tablets, for example Samsung, HTC or Toshiba, but better than that you can track your stats at the game using a regular windows PC or a MAC. It means that our system is not just affordable, but also very accessible and still easy to use’. Mark added. This announcement is likely to be one of many in the near future as the company continues to establish further links to leagues and association in the US.  Visit the Atlantic Soccer League

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