Statzpack Helps Prestigious D.C. School Sidwell Friends Win Soccer Championship

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Statzpack, an innovative measurement software that allows coaches and  players analyze and improve their soccer performance, recently helped a prestigious private school  in Washington, D. C. win its first ISLAA championship in 18 years.

The girls varsity team at Sidwell Friends, a Quaker school located in Bethesda, Md., and Washington, D.C., ended the season with a 7-0-0 record and an overall record of 13-1-1, for a season-high ranking of 28 in the United States. Coach Martin Dell and members of the team recorded every game using Statzpack and found the program helped improve their performance.

“We were very excited to use Statzpack to enhance the girls’ Varsity program and all the games were recorded by one of the two freshmen on the team,” Dell said. “I reviewed the stats at the half-time interval with my assistant coach and then also with the girls to give brief oversight of positives and negatives of the first half and how we could improve in the second half.”

Dell used the Statzpack app on an iPad, but he also tried the new version for home computers and the Android app during the season. He said the app helped him collect data that showed strengths and weaknesses he might have overlooked.

“The data also helped me work with specific development of the girls individually and as a team. I have a very quick forward who was shooting many times a game but her on target percentage was relatively low,” he said. “After sharing the data and my thoughts with the player and the team, we worked on her individual technique and composure and movement in front of goal as well as the team’s penetration in the final third to allow her to be in better scoring positions.”

Off the field, Martin was also able to share the data with players, parents and even local news media automatically with game summary reports sent via email. The data was also used for year-end reports for the school’s athletic director and league meetings.

Statzpack founder Mark Roberts said he was proud of the results.

“Coaches have a lot to think about during a game: their players, the other team, strategy and even the referees,” he said. “Statzpack helps a great coach like Martin Dell focus by making sure he doesn’t lose track of important details. It’s like having an assistant coach with perfect recall. And the team’s record shows the results.”

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